Monday, September 30, 2013

Steve O Tattoos On Hands 2012

Posted by on Monday, September 30, 2013

Jackass cast member, stuntman, and all around gluten for punishment; Steven “Steve-O” Glover recently re-entered the entertainment world as a sober man after years of drug and alcohol abuse. Once known for his hard partying lifestyle, the original member of the Jackass crew is now only known for his crazy stunts and crazy tattoos. Among his random pieces of ink are a play on the “BAM” symbol (from his Jackass cast mate Bam Margera’s clothing line) that includes a phallus shape instead of a heart, and a “smiley face” that he got in the back of a moving truck during a bit for one of the Jackass films. However, his most famous piece of ink is the giant autographed portrait of himself on his back. The piece, drawn directly from an autographed photo of Steve-O, also features the “hand written” message: “Yeah dude, I rock!”. It’s hard to argue with this, seeing as how if you get your own picture tattooed on yourself; you do in fact rock.


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