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David Beckham Tattoos 2012

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When David Beckham got his first tattoo, his son’s name Brooklyn on his lower back, fans of the soccer star though it was cute for a father to get a tribute tat to his new baby boy. No one imagined the infamous David Beckham would end up with dozens of tats covering his body over the following years, including two full sleeves, and tattoo designs dotting his back, neck, chest and side. As he says himself, David Beckham's tattoos are a tribute to the important people in his life, which is obvious just by looking at David Beckham’s back tattoos alone.

David Beckham has had tats inked on his back for sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, six, and one on his chest for his new baby girl, Harper. And it sounds like the couple may not be done yet! When asked about possibly having another child after Harper was born in 2011, Beckham said, We’ve always said we’d love a big family and five was the number If we’re lucky enough, then we hope to have one more. Could this mean more back tattoos forDavid Beckham? 

Brooklyn Tattoo

With the birth of his first child, which the couple named Brooklyn, David Beckham got atattoo to commemorate the joyous occasion. David Beckham’s Brooklyn tattoo was inked in 1999 and is written on his lower back in Gothic script, curving upward from Beckham’s left side to right.

Guardian Angel Tattoo

Once David Beckham got his first tattoo, there was no stopping him. In 2000, Beckham sought out Manchester-based Celebrity tattoo artist Louis Malloy to have him design the guardian angel tattoo David Beckham has inked on his upper back. The original tattoo featured a bald figure with his head bowed and arms outstretched, much like the image ofJesus on the cross. 

Romeo Tattoo

When David Beckham’s second son was born in 2002, Beckham had no choice but to match his Brooklyn back tattoo with a Romeo back tat for the new baby boy. As Beckham said after Romeo’s birth, I’ve got my other son on my back, so I had to have this one. When jokingly told that there was still room on his back for more names, Beckham reportedly smiled and said, Three or four, maybe four, maybe five, but we’ll see.

Cruz Tattoo

David Beckham added a third name to his back in 2005 when he and Victoria’s third son,Cruz, was born. But since David Beckham isn’t just a regular old Joe, he didn’t simply hit thetattoo parlor and ask for a Cruz tat. Instead, Beckham flew his personal tattoo artist Louis Malloy from Manchester to Spain, where the youngest boy was born, so he could have his son’s named inked on his back as soon as possible.

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