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Wedding Dress

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For a female the most important part of her life is the wedding and on her wedding the most important thing is her wedding dress. We found that women use to be more concious about their wedding dress then men. So we decided to give you some of the most useful tips before you select your your dress.

The first point you need to be keep in your mind is your body size or physic. For this purpose we categorise women in three different sizes. Skinny, normal, healthy or fat. So its not important for me that what kind of dress i like the most. For me its the matter what kind of dress will look perfect on me. So if you areskinny and you choose a very fitted size you will look more skinny in it and for this i would suggest you a little loose fitting. Then if your normal size women then you should go for some extra fittings regarding your wedding dress and at the end if you carry some weight and fat then you just keep the same fitting as per your structure because extra fitting can tear your dress and loose fitting will make you more fattier, therefore best for you would be your natural fitting.

Then the next point which is design of your dress. If you are skinny then i will suggest you to have shoulder straps dress or sleeveless but not the strapless dress. Then next if you are normal physic women then best option for you is the strapless dress and if you are healthy and fat then you should go for a dress with sleeves.

Last but not the least is you skin tone, as we know most of the women choose white dress for their wedding day but if you are not among those and want a different color then white on your wedding day then before choosing the color you should keep your skin tone in your mind then go for the color. Like if your are fair coloryou will look best with fast color but if your are black or brown skin person then i will suggest you light shade of your desired color.


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